After you touch me,
my entire body blossoms.
I vomit up rose petals, soil.
My skin radiates spring.
Persephone has invaded my skeleton,
coaxing fertility and something fresh
and untouched by man’s cold
and callous hands.
I turn from girl to god,
to willow, to birdsong
in the early glow of morning.
I awaken at the touch of Demeter,
eyes wide and mouth open
with the call of a kit
mewling for her mother.
My limbs groan and crack
and I am my own.

[Written February 10th, 2017]


The Month of March

The dreams based on bliss call me
back and forth between edges
both freezing and melting
between your hips.
This aesthetic monstrosity
spitting in the face
of my own holy war
against ugliness and comfort.
Oh, to be content with regularities
without the absurd making
the real feel unreal.
I rage against this new reality
gasping for unsung air.

[Written December 2nd, 2016]

A Poem for Lovers

Give me the moon.
Fling a rope
and pull her down.

Chip a piece away and
set it in gold filigree before
you put her back in the sky.

A night dancing in times gone by,
fueled by candles and velvet and
silk ribbons in my hair.

I want dark lipstick
and light champagne,
a slow waltz a gilded ballroom.

Share a hazy evening
on a balcony overlooking rose gardens,
then a languid morning.

Give me romance,
this dreamy existence,
art in the form of you.

[Written December 8th, 2016]

Take me back to London, please.

We’re holding hands
and walking through Russell Square.
When the musician on the corner
starts to play an old standard,
you pull me along beside you and into your arms.

You take me away
to a world of antique dresses
and sparkling, greyscale innocence.

My unsure legs find themselves tangled
between yours and your kisses muffle my laughter
as the crowd cheers us on in this waltz.

The street corner melts into your apartment
and we find that we’ve created this,
music and joy and infinite possibilities.

[Written December 26th, 2016]

Look at me.

I will implode
Like a gas giant, I want
To shrink into nothing
And then be everything
Hovering on your shoulder
Alongside the early morning fog
My bones will crack
With the weight of you
And I will breathe out
Overripe flowers into
your mouth, your eyes
Only to choke on the stems
When you force them down
my throat, my lungs.
Look at me, look at everything
Look at how small I can become.

[Written October 10th, 2015]


Girl as wolf as
a pack of cigarettes thrown in a puddle as
breath from your mouth into mine
you pray into me and
set ablaze while I
wither beneath the weight of
you ever told me.

[Written November 13th, 2016]

Instinctual Behavior

You are a lion, they say.
A predator, shaped for fighting
a wolf gone rogue
howling naked before the rising moon
waxing and waning eloquent
about your own beauty.
You are a hunter, they say.
a falcon, a spirit of the trees
eyes closed, heart wide
waiting for the fight
preying on those who think
they are stronger.
You are a dangerous thing, they say.
They’re right.

[Written November 8th, 2016]