I’m just really passionate about Morgan le Fay, alright?

All the legends paint Morgan le Fay as the enemy. A brush stroke of overt sexuality, a blending of lust, betrayal, and the ways of a conniving enchantress. Morgana the Witch, half-sister of Arthur, one of the fair folk, a Welsh goddess. A woman always steeped in mystery and a vindictive nature.

I can see in her character is a frightened little girl at the mercy of men until the druids of old taught her how to use the natural and the unnatural to her advantage. So that, when her half-brother came to her bedchambers by moonlight, she could put him into a sorcerer’s sleep until morning. The soldiers, the wizards, the gentry all slandering her name forever after. Her magic is painted dark as her hair, her touch a sinful poison.

In actuality, Morgan le Fay was a woman trapped, a woman scorned, a woman hurt until she learned how to turn it off. Only the shortsighted blame the wolf who was taught to bite.

[Written December 4th, 2016]


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