Originally Written for S.R.S.

I could watch you watching the ice on my windshield for eons if you’d allow it. Hell, the things I would do to be the ice you stare at so intently. To be the frozen work of art that melts before your eyes would be a dream. Truth be told, I do melt before you, but I do not think you can see it. Your eyes are always set so far away, beyond me and beyond anything I could ever ask for. But, oh, the glory it would bring to see myself as I see you. I sometimes sit and wonder – am I as much of an enigma to you as you are to me? I doubt it. But still, I wish. I wish, I wish, I wish. For now I will sit and continue to melt like this frosted windshield, refracting the lights beneath the steam of my own breath.

[Written December 9th, 2014]


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