Atlas Hands

Imagine if somebody had helped Atlas.
Think of that kind of love, compassion,
That shrugs and shoulders the burden.
He has held up the world for eons,
Not once asking for help,
Not once pleading for mercy,
Breathe in, breathe out,
Sit tight, hold tight,
Say cheese, everybody will love this,
Just sit up a little straighter,
You know the camera adds ten pounds!
And he sighs, cracks a smile,
Weary, so weary, so used to this.
But just imagine if somebody,
If anybody helped him.
Sometimes I wonder, then,
What the world would be like,
If Atlas gave up, let go.
I think of you, of your pain,
And how heavy your world is.
I want to help him.
I want to help you.

[Written March 2nd, 2015]


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