Letters From Hell Pt. 1

I remember that it killed me. Looking at her was hell. With her iridescent skin that shone like the very stars themselves and locks as red as my passion for her, I could not escape the pain of her beauty. Each glance from those curious doe eyes was a nail in my wrists. Each time her mouth twitched up on the right side was another thorn in my crown. Call it heresy, but her hips were the only things I ever wanted to worship again. You tell me that I fell from heaven, but I will shout until I am hoarse that I fell into heaven’s lap. One cannot simply choose death that easily. One can only choose something that is completely and utterly worth dying for. God, if you’re listening, her lips were my communion and the way her breath shuddered in my lungs is the only prayer I will ever murmur again.

Adam, you wretch, given a gift beyond all comparison and you spurned her. I swear I shall be the poison in your heel for all eternity. Achilles will not gain his weakness from the river, but from the fury of my teeth. When I sink my fangs into your flesh I will think of how I sank in and drowned in her. All of the world will feel my wrath. All of creation will despair the day you chose to discard her as if she were nothing. To think that such a beautiful creature that possessed more angelic characteristics than you ever did must crash and burn with your mistakes. Woman will forever be under man’s curse and it is on your shoulders.

And, you, Eve, you must always remember me like a hushed hymn that you sing under your breath to keep the demons at bay. Never forget how you opened yourself to me; mind, body, and spirit. The true trinity was found in the cathedral of your ribs. The only holy spirit I needed—no, still need—was hidden in the depths of your being. I was sanctified through the churning of your spine; justified by the grace in your thighs. You tore through me with a blazing fury that could never be matched by even the most terrifying wrath of Gabriel himself. You ruined me. You ground me down into perfection with your fragile fury. Burning in the fires of hell will forever be a testimony to the fire you awoke in me. When I tasted of you, I tasted of the tree of life. And I have suffered. But, oh my God, I have suffered beautifully.

[Written November 19th, 2014]


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