Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

When I wake, my bare feet sink into the fallen needles beneath the canopy and I immediately feel enveloped in the sweet smell of pungent blood and sap. The trees joyously fold me into their ranks, welcome back the girl who emerged from the faraway pool a woman. As I breathe I feel the weight of the earth spreading my lungs apart as to a lover’s legs, filling and gorging my senses until my vision blurs and the world is nothing but firs and pines and the sticky sensation of sap between my toes. Before I know it, I’m running forward and onward and my chest is screeching along with the crows at my side and I can feel the branches lifting me up, up, up until I am no longer. The sky, the trees, the moonlit pool below become a circle of rhapsodic jubilation. I am free, I am awake.

[Written October 27th, 2016]


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